Lib Dems announce £460m to protect school funding in South West

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron has announced the party would invest £460m more in schools and colleges in the South West over the next parliament, during a visit to a school in North Cornwall.

The funding would include £43.5m for Bristol. 

It would be spent on reversing cuts to frontline school and college budgets, protecting per pupil funding in real terms and ensuring no school loses out from changes to funding arrangements. 

£32m of the funding in the region would be spent on protecting the Pupil Premium, introduced by the Liberal Democrats to help the most disadvantaged children.

It would amount to around £750,000 extra per school, enough to employ an estimated 1,840 teachers across the region.

Stephen Williams, former Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West, said:

"The Liberal Democrats will invest over £43million pounds extra in Bristol's schools. I'm particularly pleased to see the protection of pupil premium money for children on free school meals. I helped write this policy and I've seen for myself the big difference it is making in Bristol schools. The Liberal Democrats believe that investing in children will safeguard our future more than an economy shrinking Brexit." 

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:

"A landslide for the Conservatives would allow Theresa May to take parents across the country for granted and cut our schools to the bone.

"Only the Liberal Democrats can provide the strong opposition Britain needs to stand up for the West Country.

"Vote for the Liberal Democrats and you can change Britain’s future."

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