A close shave…with a wide profit margin?

Some more evidence today of rip-off Britain. Amazing what you can learn from the daily tabling of Early Day Motions (EDMs) by MPs. EDM 583 on razor blades, tabled by Democratic Unionist MP Gregory Campbell, laments a 100 per cent increase in the price of men’s razor blades over the last 3 years. He points out that the cost of materials (a bit of steel and plastic) and packaging runs to pence whereas the product is sold for many pounds. Just like a cup of Starbucks or Costa coffee! I hope the likes of Wilkinson are paying their taxes on their fat profits….

Mr Campbell suggests that the Office of Fair Trading has a look at this sector. I agree and have signed his motion. It’s possible of course that the fat margin profiteering is being done by the supermarkets, not the manufacturers. This could be an area for the Coalion Government’s new Grocery Code Adudicator to investigate.

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