Anti Slavery Day

Today is the UK’s first Anti Slavery Day.  On Saturday I went to the Body Shop in Cabot Circus, Bristol to support their petition on sex trafficking – a 21st century form of slavery.

Back in 2007 I spoke at many events in Bristol and London when we marked the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire.  It was right that we commemorated events from 1807 but we must also remember that slavery persisted in many parts of the world for decades thereafter and indeed hidden, covert slavery has never gone away.

People trafficking is an ugly 21st century crime.  Even in Britain there are prostitutes working against their will, brought to our shores from many countries.  Some industries have illegal workers operating in shocking and dangerous conditions.  In other parts of the world child labour produces many of the cheap goods bought by some people in the developed world.

You can support the campaign to provide child trafficking victims with a guardian by visiting:

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