Bristol Becomes a Green Deal Community - Williams

Communities Minister and Bristol West MP, Stephen Williams, has worked with Lib Dem colleague Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, to ensure that Bristol will receive £7.3 million as part of the Green Deal Communities Programme.

Local authorities across the country are set to gain a total of £86 million as part of the Green Deal Communities programme.It is aimed at taking a street by street approach to household energy efficiency so that approaches can be tailored to the needs of the local community. This will help to maximise the delivery of Green Deal Plans across whole communities and streets.

In Bristol this will involve people going door to door promoting the programme and local "show homes", showing how things look once improvements, such as wall insulation, have been carried out. Around £5 million of this is for street by street programmes in the areas of Easton, Horfield and Totterdown. The rest of the money will be spent on trialling an energy efficiency programme for the private rented sector.

The Green Deal is an ambitious and long term programme aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the nation's buildings. It aims to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency. It gives homes and businesses the opportunity to pay for energy efficiency home improvements through savings on their fuel bills.

Bristol West MP Stephen Williams said:

"The Green Deal Communities programme provides a new opportunity for community groups to team up with their local authorities to get involved in improving energy efficiency in their local area.

"It is a sad reality that many properties in Bristol are available on the market with poor energy efficiency ratings. The cost of energy is now a major consideration for household budgets. The funding from the Green Deal Communities programme will go a long way in tackling this problem. It will play a big part helping families save on energy in their own homes and reduce carbon emissions.

"The Liberal Democrats and I are committed to a greener future. This is a great opportunity to make the Green Deal attractive for people across all sectors of society."

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