‘The Dementia Tax is a Stealth Inheritance Tax on the Elderly and Most Vulnerable’ – Williams

Stephen Williams, the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, has slammed the Tories’ manifesto plans for a dementia tax.

The dementia tax threshold, set at £100k estate value in the Tories’ manifesto, would cover 9 in 10 houses in England if no cap was in place. 

Analysis by the Liberal Democrats has shown the extent to which homes across Bristol would still be at risk from Theresa May’s dementia tax, even if a cap was introduced. If the cap was set at £200k, the value of the majority of homes (58%) would be at risk of being wiped out by the dementia taxIf the cap was set at £150k, the value of 54.5% of homes in the city would still be at risk.

The Liberal Democrats have challenged Theresa May to answer a series of questions, including whether the cap will be set at the recommended level of £72,000 or at a higher amount.
Stephen Williams said: 

Forcing vulnerable, elderly people to sell their homes to pay for care is disgraceful.

"May's manifesto meltdown on Monday changes nothing. As she has made clear herself, nothing has changed and her heartless dementia tax remains in place.

“The dementia tax is a stealth inheritance tax and it will hit the elderly and most vulnerable in our society the most. The Tories want to take older people’s homes and their plans will place the burden of cost on those that fate chooses to suffer the most.

“Across the city, people risk seeing over half the value of their homes taken to pay for care costs. These figures show the Tories’ plans could hit families hard even if a cap is introduced. More could be dragged into paying the dementia tax as house prices rise. 

“Theresa May has serious questions to answer andBristolians deserve to hear her answers now, not after the election.
”This is just another sign Theresa May is taking voters for granted and I am afraid this is anything but strong and stable leadership."

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