Lib Dems Select Former MP in Bristol West

Stephen Williams, a former MP for Bristol West, has been selected as the Lib Dem candidate for the snap General Election on June 8th.

Stephen Williams, a graduate from Bristol University,has a strong track record of standing up for the people of Bristol, having been the MP for the Bristol West parliamentary seat from 2005 to 2015. He has previously served as Minister for Communities at the Department for Communities and Local Government, where he was responsible for community cohesion and for building new homes that saved residents hundreds of pounds in their fuel bills 

In his time in Parliament he was awarded a UN medal by the World Health Organisation, the only British politician to receive such an honour, following years of campaigning against smoking and for his work on a variety of public health issues. In 2013 he led the Liberal Democrats in helping to deliver same-sex marriage. He also successfully passed a motion calling for MPs to support a proposal to lower the voting age in all UK elections to 16.

Prior to being an MP he was the Avon County councillor and Bristol City councillor for Cabot ward from 1993 to 1999 and was Leader of the Liberal Democrat council group.

In May’s West of England mayoral election, the Lib Dems more than tripled their share of the vote compared to last year’s Bristol mayoral election. Stephen Williams achieved a good second not only in Bristol but also in the Bristol West parliamentary constituency, demonstrating that only the Liberal Democrats can challenge Jeremy Corbyn’s Hard Brexit Labour party. The Green Party saw their support drastically plummet, coming 5th in the West of England mayoral election and a poor third in Bristol West. 

With four weeks to go until polling day, Stephen Williams said:

"This election is about electing a hard working MP who will make sure that there is an effective opposition to the Government in Westminster. I'm proud of my track record of standing up for Bristol’s residents in Parliament and would be proud to do so again. 

"The question is what sort of MP do the people of Bristol West want? Do they want an MP who will do what they're told by the Labour Party, or do they want an MP who is determined to fight to keep Britain in the single market?

With the Tories and the Labour leadership both signed up to a disastrous, Hard Brexit, only the Liberal Democrats here in Bristol are in a position to oppose their plans. Voting Labour in Bristol will not change anything. 

“My message to the voters in Bristol is clear: if you want a Britain that is open, tolerant and united, vote Liberal Democrat. If you want a strong opposition to the Tories, vote Liberal Democrat. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is also the only way the people of Bristol can demand a vote on the final Brexit deal.”

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