My Oxfam Valentine

I’ve got a nice big pink Valentine card on my desk.  It’s been signed by no less than 18 secret people.  Sadly, I think they’re after my vote rather than my body.  The card comes from the Bristol branch of Oxfam.

They want me to ask my friend and colleague Chris Huhne, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, to do more to protect the planet’s poorest people from the effects of climate change.

I support the broad principle of a Robin Hood Tax.  The “tax” has three parts to it.  The government has already implemented the first, a levy on bank balance sheets.  The second, a Financial Activities Tax, is under consideration.  Such a FAT would be an extra tax on bank and other financial sector profits.  The third element, a tax on international transactions (so called Tobin tax) is more tricky as it needs international agreement.

Oxfam also want more taxes on aviation and shipping.  I have long supported more effective taxes on flights and this area is under review, as required in the coalition agreement.

You can see Oxfam’s blog and me getting my card in Broadmead here

And if there is a real admirer out there, I’d like to hear from him!

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