‘Scrap the Severn Bridge Tolls’ – Williams

Stephen Williams, the Lib Dem candidate to be the West of England regional mayor, has set out his plans to scrap the tolls on the Severn Bridges.

The bridges - the M4 Second Severn crossing and the M48 Severn Bridge - are currently managed by a private company. 

The previous Chancellor, George Osborne, announced that the Severn Bridge tolls will be reduced when the Severn Crossings return to public ownership in 2018

Stephen Williams said:

“Put simply, a vote for the Liberal Democrats on 4th May is a vote to scrap these unfair tolls.

The reduction in price is clearly an acknowledgment on behalf of the Tory government of the detrimental impact these tolls have on jobs and businesses across the region, and I very much welcome that. But these plans do not go far enough. 

The tolls are a genuine strain on businesses across the entire region, and they shouldn't be used as a money-maker. Scrapping the tolls would boost the region’s economic prospects and not cost much, as the only future costs would be due to maintenance.

“This election is a clear choice between me and the inexperienced, Brexit-defending Tory candidate. If elected I will work with the Welsh government to demand that the Tory government in Westminster scrap the tolls for good.

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