Thanks to the Posties

I haven’t written any of my Christmas cards yet.  I seem to leave it later and later every year.  And judging by my visit to the Montpelier Royal Mail centre this morning (officially the North Bristol Delivery office) many other people are doing the same.

The visit by the local MP to see the Christmas post being processed is one of the traditions of British politics.  At 7.30am this morning and in the dark and freezing cold I must admit I wasn’t keen on maintaining this tradition.  The centre sorts the delivery rounds for BS6 and BS7 so it processes both my official PO Box and my private home address and I met the postmen for both.   Each road had plenty of junk mail and bills but precious few Christmas cards.  There also seemed to be fewer Amazon parcels than I saw last year but apparently there’s a deluge on the way.   I was dismayed at the row upon row of internet ordered books last year as Borders on Queen’s Road were proceeding with their closing down sale.

Anyway, I thanked the men…and two ladies…who deliver our mail come rain or shine or ice.  Now, I’d better open that big box of House of Commons Christmas cards that’s been on my desk for ten days…

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