Unemployment Falls Again in Bristol - Williams

Figures released today by the Office for National Statistics show the number of unemployed claimants in Bristol has fallen again, with the number of people in work across the country increasing by 280,000, the highest quarterly increase since records began.

In total, there are now 3,047 unemployed claimants in Bristol West, the constituency of the Liberal Democrat MP, Stephen Williams. This represents a fall of 831 claimants locally, compared to this time last year. Unemployment has now fallen in Bristol West for the 10th consecutive month in a row and there are more people in work today across the country than at any time in our history.

The figures build on the achievements of the Liberal Democrats, who have helped create more than 1.4 million new jobs since 2010, over 1.5 million new apprenticeships and given a £700 tax cut to more than 20 million people, taking the 2.7 million lowest paid taxpayers out of paying any tax altogether.

Stephen Williams MP said:

"I am delighted that Bristol West is making economic progress and attracting investment.

"Thanks to the Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government, this is yet another encouraging sign that the economy is recovering. The UK has the strongest economic growth in the EU.

"Our priority remains fixing the economy and cleaning up Labour's economic mess. We want to rebalance economic growth across all sectors of the economy and across all regions of the UK. We entered into the Coalition Government to help everyday people find work and get on in life. These figures prove we are doing just that."

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