Williams Tells Voters ‘You Can Change the Country’

Stephen Williams, the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, has declared that the snap General Election on 8th June is a chance for voters to stop a hard Brexit.

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to give the final say to the British people in a referendum on whether to accept the deal or remain in the EU. The Lib Dems have also said that they will:

  • Keep the UK in the single market and customs union - trade must continue without damaging customs controls at the border.
  • Protect the rights of EU and UK citizens living abroad - ending the uncertainty for millions of people.

In contrast the Labour Party manifesto states that under a Labour Government freedom of movement would end.The Labour manifesto also does not commit to campaign to maintain membership of the single market or to give people a say through a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

In May’s West of England mayoral election, the Lib Dems more than tripled their share of the vote compared to last year’s Bristol mayoral election and the party came a strong second in the Bristol West parliamentary constituency. 

Stephen Williams said:

“Brexit is the defining political issue of the age and we stand at the precipice. Leaving the EU will have far-reaching consequences for our prosperity, our safety and our quality of life. Our membership of the EU has enabled the UK to recruit a skilled workforce from Europe which has, in turn, contributed massively to the Bristol’s economy. Key public services such as the NHS and our schools and universities, have benefitted from much-needed support from European workers. 

"The Lib Dems have a very clear position. We want a final public vote once the deal with the EU is known. 

But in the biggest fight for the future of our country in a generation, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party let you down by voting with Theresa May on Brexit – not against her. He ordered his MPs to vote with the Tories and UKIP in favour of Article 50, despite the Government making no concessions to them whatsoever. Now Labour is failing to stand up for our membership of the Single Market and refusing to give you the final say over the Brexit deal.

This election on 8th June is an opportunity for voters in Bristol to change the direction of the country. In Bristol West this election is a clear choice between the Brexit-backing Labour Party and me. Electing a Labour MP will do nothing stop a hard Brexit. 

Only the Liberal Democrats can stop a hard Brexit. Wewill stand up to Theresa May’s bad Brexit deal that will cost jobs and put up prices and we will give people the final say with a choice to remain in Europe.”

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