Stephen Williams

My Manifesto

Agenda 2030 - The Stephen Williams Plan for West of England Transformation

Stephen Williams is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of the West of England in the upcoming local elections on May 6th.

Our region has been poorly served by its current mayor and we have missed out on government money and powers to make our own decisions.

Stephen has been a government Minister and knows how to win money for the West in Whitehall.

Stephen has the drive and experience to make the best of the new world we live in after COVID and Brexit.

Some of Stephen's key policies include:

  • Tackling our housing crisis by building thousands of affordable homes and council houses, built to the highest climate-friendly standards, while protecting our green spaces.
  • Taking back control of our bus network so we can have new bus routes (and new train stations) with non-polluting buses and new routes around our cities, towns and villages.
  • Creating new green jobs to make the West of England into a national Centre of Excellence for green technology and provide retraining into new careers.
  • Cutting energy bills by insulating older homes to increase energy efficiency and bring down household bills.
  • Taking back extra local powers from Whitehall to be able to control Airbnbs & student accommodation, consider a tourist tax to help fund local services, and make local decisions about business rates.
  • Planting a million trees using native tree species in new areas and also linking existing forests.

You can read his full manifesto here.

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